Lone & Jens Høgenhaug 



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Follow this link to see some pictures from our visit in USA in August 2001, where we among other things joined the Jensen-Johnson Family Reunion in Moorhead.


About Lone & Jens


Born:  May 9, 1955

Job:    Auditor

Married to Lone: May 20, 1989



Born:  December 1, 1960

Job:    Nursing aide

Has been a jockey (horserace) for 25 years.

Lone is the president of the Copenhagen Amateur Riders Club.


Our House

We live about 60 km. south of Copenhagen on a former farm,

built in 1880 with a thatched roof, and with about 5 acres of land,

which is primary used for Lone’s  2 race-horses.


Jens’s Family

If you click on the links to the left, you can see some pictures

of some of Jens’s family:

Jens’s Mother Anna

Her Mother Kirsten (Jens’s Grand’ma “Bedstemor”)

Jens’s older Brother Søren

Jens’s younger Sister Kirsten

Jens’s younger Brother Claus